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AAU offers the unique opportunity to compete as a youth or adult athlete in multiple sports under the same membership.  As a athlete you also have the ability to compete in Local, State, Regional and World events.  AAU also is the only sanctioning body allowed to offer the opportunity to compete in the AAU Junior Olympics.  Don't wait, join AAU and represent Team South Carolina.

It takes a special person to volunteer their time and talents to Coach.  AAU and the District of South Carolina appreciates your sacrifice and strives to provide opportunities for you and your staff to increase your knowledge and develop your skills.  AAU has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance to provide free training.  In addition, AAU provides individual non athlete membership, back ground checks, club coverage and facility liability certificates to allow you to focus on impacting your players and not worrying about finding resources.  Don't wait to impact athletes and coach your team or your individual(s) to compete in World Competitions. 

Your program is a business and needs to be run as one.  To ensure you are properly established to accomplish your goals and be compliant AAU offers three options for you to create your club:  

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

Click on the Join AAU tab on this website to decide which option is best for you.

AAU offers a unique opportunity for a club to quickly be recognized as a 501(c)3.  Under the IRS Group Exemption laws AAU provides the opportunity to become a subordinate under the AAU Parent organization fairly quickly.  Much quicker than a traditional non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  Group Exemption is ONLY allowed if you are not incorporated under your state which allows filings to only be needed to AAU and the IRS and not to the state.  There are several benefits to this type recognition and initial cost is a key factor.  Official recognition as a 501(c)3 is usually required to receive any grants or donations.  You are required to get an EIN from IRS before submitting your Club 3 membership application.

As an AAU Club 2 or 3 manager you have the ability to run an event under the AAU brand.  To run an event it MUST be approved by the Sports Director or Governor if there is not a Sports Director assigned.  If the request goes unanswered for 14 days at the District level the National Office will typically approve the event. As an Event Operator you MUST follow all AAU guidance, be a current member and ensure ALL participants are AAU members.  The advantage of running an AAU Event is not only receiving brand recognition with AAU as the largest youth organization in the world but you also will receive marketing support, opportunities for participants to earn ranking points and attend the South Carolina State Championship, Regional & World Events.  All sanctioned AAU events will also count toward the State & National Ranking System.  As an event operator you are required to recruit athletes and teams and you are responsible for the operation of the event.   Regional & National Events must be approved at the National Level and may have additional fees associated with them.  Event Websites with event management and registration access are available at reduced cost.  To learn more about Event Websites associated with the district website contact 

Advertise your camps and clinics to the largest sports organization in the world.  With over 700,000 members striving to improve their abilities we are the perfect fit for your camp or clinic.  We offer everything you need to ensure liability  coverage for  the camp and the facility for as low as $85 per event.  Simply ensure you, your instructors and athletes have individual memberships and purchase a Level 2 or Level 3 Club.  Need a website, registration link, marketing we can help.  See the links below for Event Support Options and any associated costs. 

South Carolina AAU recognizes that our Trainers are an crucial factor to the development of our athletes.  Due to this we have created a way for AAU Non-Athlete members who are Trainers to be featured on our website and we also create marketing opportunities to reach all of our AAU members.   AAU also offers individual membership coverage for you as a trainer, Athlete memberships to cover your participates  potential injuries while working out with you and facility insurance certificates to cover liability if needed.  In addition, we have secured opportunities for Trainer websites, a registration system, client bookings, and the opportunities to run sport/fitness combines that will be added to player profiles and help you promote your events. 

Accurate results are important for athletes who want to compete at the next level.  In order to create exposure for athletes we have been working on a player profile system that will be FREE to ALL college coaches at ALL levels.  The majority of the profile is FREE to athletes unless they choose to load additional information outside of the opportunities we provide. We have created a Combine program that Trainers and Clubs can sign up for to support players in their area.  As a Level 2 or 3 AAU Club you will be allowed to run a Sport/Fitness Combine Event and record your results on the Player Profile.  All Staff and participants MUST be AAU members and it MUST be a sanctioned AAU event.  Websites for marketing, registration and information are available for additional cost.  For more information contact

The State Sport Director is responsible for the overall growth and development of the Sport in the District.  This is an unpaid volunteer position so you have to have a passion for the sport and want to impact it's growth within the District and across AAU.  If you are interested please reach out to the District Governor and explain your vision.  This position is appointed by the Governor or it is elected by clubs who meet the proper requirements to vote if the sport has a large enough membership base. 

Frank Pollock
140 E. Sparrowood Run
Lexington, SC 29072

803.957.8692 (Home)
803.622.7881 (Cell)

John Ross
323 Wexwood Road
Columbia, SC 29210

803.798.0357 (Home)
803.309.2172 (Cell)

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