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Welcome to SCAAU Football

Above you will see a tab for Available Programs which will give you information on:

  • Spring Tackle 
  • Fall Tackle
  • 7v7
  • Flag
  • AAU Football Combines

Our Team Administrator site includes all paperwork and guidance required

Our Coaches Training Page includes required Coaches' training.  


Total Wellness thru the promotion of sports, academics, and mentorship. We want to be

recognized as the program of choice for student athlete who want to compete on a national level
for national championships with aspirations of becoming college student athletes and productive
community leaders. We want to be the feeder system for local high schools across South
Carolina and help our high school programs compete for State Championships, National High
School rankings, and South Carolina to be recognized as a major football state.


Promote academics, leadership, discipline, self-esteem, healthy nutrition and sportsmanship thru
football and cheerleading fundamentals in a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment while
serving God and community. Our goal is to help mature and develop multiple student athletes on
a yearly basis in fundamentals that will translate to high school, college, and life.


Beady B. Waddell, IV

SCAAU Football District Chairman and Sports Director

Phone: 843-597-3630

Topee O. Waddell

SCAAU Football Cheer District Sports Director

2021 Expectations

 Respect and Promote the Brand
 Communication and Teamwork
 Compliance and Uniformity
 Mentorship Program and Academic Program
 Coach Hard, Compete Hard, and Good Sportsmanship